About Hawkers

Est. 2013 – Hawkers hosts annual food festivals in Canadian cities, Designed to bring Canadian independent innovative food & beverage businesses together all under one roof in an epic festival format with a focal point of food & music.

Hawkers exists to create an open dialogue on food, community and platforms to support and encourage independent & innovative food businesses. We partner with the people who have devoted their lives to nourishing Canadians. We are here to connect the public with the present in Canadian food culture and help pave the way towards creating a sustainable & delicious future for food in Canadian cities.


What is A HAWKER?

Hawkers are the soul of our community. They are the ones who have devoted their lives to making the foods that we crave, which nourish our families and enrich our lives.

Hawker’s simply stated are the new wave of food entrepreneurs. Hawkers Market is the place they come to share their work with Canadians.

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