There is an ice cream parlor that has been taken Vancouver by a storm: PERVERTED ICE CREAM – Ice cream with a twist.  You may have seen it on Instagram or, even better, got to experience it.

Perverted: having been corrupted or distorted from its original meaning or state. This is also the perfect description for what PERVERTED is doing in the ice cream industry. What we love about PERVERTED is the unique flavours and combinations that you can’t find anywhere else – all created in the store.

All PERVERTED ice cream (even the new hot drinks) are served in its signature black cones. When you see people walking with an ice cream in a black cone you know exactly where they got it from! The waffle cones, like everything at PERVERTED has a meaning; it is locally made daily with activated charcoal that will not clash with the flavour of the actual ice cream itself and allows for the reduction of the sugar content.

Suzanne, the founder of PERVERTED, has big plans for the company and the brand. Along with expansion, the goal of the brand is to be a “good doer” as Suzanne describes it, “the goal of the brand is to eventually provide a platform for bigger purposes like empowering women in a variety facets both personally and professionally, including but certainly not exclusive to entrepreneurship both locally and worldwide.”

For the Hawkers Market festival Perverted will be serving two hard serve ice cream with two unique toppings: salty balls with bursts of caramel filling and an alcohol infusion.

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