Long Table Distillery

Sometimes a random idea can spark an opportunity resulting in a great brand like Long Table Distillery.  Charles Tremewen, the co-founder and Head Distiller of Long Table, describes a moment during a business trip when he sat down to enjoy a gin martini and had one of those eureka moments “wouldn’t it be great to own a gin distillery?”.  Ten years later the opportunity arose and he acted on it.

Charles, who has a background in the organic food industry wanted to do it right; “We ordered a Still from one of Germany’s top manufacturers and when it arrived I called up a bunch of friends to help us assemble her, “Elizabeth I” that is, that’s her name.”  He goes on to elaborate “There we were, four guys, a couple of crates of parts, no instructions other than a small collection the pictures provided by the manufacturer and a collection of shared tools.  No problem, we said, and by the end of the weekend we had her put together.”

Long Table is Vancouver’s first micro-distillery. Produced from 100% Canadian grain with the philosophy different and delicious; passion drives consistent quality. The philosophy has resulted in a number of well-deserved international awards along the way.

The name Long Table came from the appreciation of meals served at long tables. Where you enjoy meal sharing time, meet new people and have a great conversation. Charles describes it as “Where kinder spirits meet.”

For the Hawkers Market Long Table will serve The Joyce, a fresh gin cocktail. You will also be able to take part in spirits tastings and have the opportunity to share in their craft with Charles in attendance as your guide.

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