Tayybeh, which is the Arabic word for “delicious” and “kind,” is a project that started with a small neighbourhood pop-up dinner to raise money for a few Syrian women newcomer chefs to Vancouver in October 2016. The response has been overwhelming! Pop-up dinners, every four to six weeks, have sold out in minutes, making Tayybeh the hottest ticket in the city!

In less than a year, and with glowing reviews in the local and national media, Tayybeh is growing to support more Syrian women chefs by organizing more community-based dining experiences, bringing delectable Syrian food to catered events, and making our favourite food items available in stores and markets across the city and beyond.

By showcasing beautiful and authentic dishes from their hometowns in Syria, the women ofTayybeh have access to an income and financial independence. Working together, they build connections with other women and interact with the communities they live in. All while doing something they love: cooking!

We hope that “Tayybeh” will enrich the Vancouver culinary scene with many delicious Syrian meals, showcase the kindness and hospitality of our wonderful chefs, and demonstrate the generosity and support of our city.

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