After first falling in love with each other, and then with Spanish cider on a trip to Mexico city, Jeff and Nathaly turned a years long hobby of cider making into what became Windfall Cider. Learning what they could from old-world techniques passed down by generations of cider makers, Jeff and Nathaly experimented with as many new flavours as they could find. All until the cider was just right – and totally different than anything else in BC.

Our name came to us from two places. First, was our belief in the idea of making your own luck. Of going out into the world and chasing your fortune, whatever that may be or look like. Second, a memory from Jeff’s childhood. When he was young, both he and his twin sister and his mother would pick apples in the fall around Southern Ontario. She’d send the two kids up the trunk of the tree to shake the branches and bring down the apples, and she’d wait below, to collect their “winnings” – their Windfall.

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